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Custom Companies Fantasy Football

How to: Fantasy Football

Signing Up

  1. Go to
  2. click on the icon “sign up”
  3. fill out the online form, click save once completed (please verify that you filled in your correct email address.)
  4. You will immediately receive an email confirmation with a password. Re-login to (if you don’t receive this confirmation within 5 minutes please contact you sales rep for assistance)
  5. Use your email address as the login, and the password you just received via email to confirm your registration

Drafting Your Team

  1. Login to using your email address as the login and the password that was emailed to you as your password.
  2. Click on “draft team”
  3. Follow the instructions for picking your players for the appropriate positions.
  4. Once your team is drafted, you may change your lineup anytime before play starts for the week. You may also choose to leave your lineup untouched throughout the season.

*you are responsible to change players for bye-weeks and injuries. If you have an active player during his bye-week or injury he will not receive points during that time.


Each week you will be able to edit your lineup, start players and make others inactive. You will have to do this no later than 24 hours before each week's first game. If it is a Thursday night game, for example, you will have to have your lineup in on Wednesday evening. You will be able to make changes to it as often as you like before the twenty-four hour deadline. If you don't change your lineup before the deadline, the previous weeks lineup will be used.

The scoring for the game will be automatically tallied based on the points system provided below. Each week, when the games are done, a script will be run that will compile the stats and give you the correct point totals each week. The point total will be as follows:

Point not available for TE position
Touchdown 6 points (Each)
Over 50 Yards 3 points (Total)
Over 100 Yards 6 points (Total)

Point not available for QB position
Touchdown 6 points (Each)
Over 50 Yards 3 points (Total)
Over 100 Yards 6 points (Total)

Point ONLY available for QB position
Touchdown 6 points (Each)
Over 150 Yards 3 points (Total)
Over 300 Yards 6 points (Total)

Point ONLY available for K position
Field Goal Under 50 Yards 3 points (Each)
Field Goal Over 50 Yards 6 points (Each)
Extra Point 1 point (Each)

Point ONLY available for TEAM DEF
Safety 2 points (Each)
Sack 1 point (Each)
Interception 1 point (Each)
Fumble Recovery 1 point (Each)
Turnover Returned for TD 6 points (Each)
Shutout 6 points

All stats will be based on the box scores.

The standings will be automatically calculated based on the users' performances that week. The top 10 will be displayed on the main page and a full listing will be displayed on The Game page. There will also be a weekly Top 10 displayed for the previous week so users can see how they did each week.

After initial rosters are set there can be no addition to your current rosters. The players you choose will be on your team for the whole season. The only exception to that rule is when any one of your starting quarterbacks is placed on IR you will automatically acquire that teams new starting quarterback.

Teams will pick the players and won't be able to add anyone or remove anyone from their team. They will be able to pick the following:

3 - Quarterbacks
6 - Running Backs
6 - Wide Receivers
2 - Defenses
2 - Kickers
2 - Tight Ends

Teams will have to pick the players from a predetermined list that breaks up each position into a "Tier" ranking. This will be a list that is set up by The Custom Fantasy football league commissioner. The players will be broken up into 3 Tiers for Quarterback, Running Backs, and Wide Receivers. They will be broken up into 2 Tiers for Defenses, Kickers, and Tight Ends. Users will have to pick an equal number from each Tier for each position. For example, they will have to select one Tier A Tight End and one Tier B Tight End. Once this list is set they WILL NOT be able to edit their team.

Any players not provided on the initial list but chosen will automatically be slotted into the third and second tier depending on their position.

After the initial draft there will be no players acquired or traded in the Custom Fantasy Football league. The only exception to the rule will be the quarterback position, which was outlined in the injuries portion of this document.

The Fantasy Football Commissioner will resolve any issues that are in question, and the decision of the commissioner is final.

Current customers must do a minimum of 1,000/month in revenue to be eligible for participation in the playoff re-draft or to win Super Bowl tickets. This does not apply to weekly prizes.

This is a non-wagering event. It is designed solely for fun and enjoyment purposes only!!!

The Commissioner reserves the right to refuse membership into the league. The Commissioner reserves the right to terminate any participant or terminate the entire promotion at any time.



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